Terms and conditions

Dear client / studet

As a professional teacher, and a manager of the studio for voice & vocal training, we are committed to give you the best service we can. So it is important to us that you read & understand the terms that we operate under, every student in our studio – has to confirm he read and agree to those terms.  All the information about our services :  lessons and courses that you need is specified here for you.


Set a voice Lesson

You can set a voice lesson either by contacting Orya Deisraeli via EMAIL or through the Automatic Schedule Page online.(for the moment not available)

the final confirmation is only after you have paid for the lesson. If you set it via email – Orya Deisraeli will send you an email to confirm your lesson.

If you set it in the automatic form – the system will send you a confirmation as well.

If you bought a package of lessons we recommend to set it via the automatic system online, ( for your time in the lesson will be dedicated to work on your voice )

still you can do it with Orya in the end of your next lesson.

Contact details you need  in order to meet Orya online:

Orya Skype user name : oryadi

Google Hangout : oryadi@gmail.com

Delivery of service

Once your confirmation has approved, the lesson will be given to you in the time frame that you chose.

the system will  send you a reminder for the lesson, and it will be carried out online or in person as being set.

Remote voice lesson online – needs you to prepare your song playback

Once you do take a remote voice lesson you should take care of the playback for your song that you intend to work on in advanced. As using internet connection there might be a second or so of delay in audio transmission, so – the accompaniment of live instrument from the other end is limited, and if you can play an instrument yourself – this could be a good resolution, or taking care of a recorded playback – for you to be able to sing with during the lesson. You can work without a playback at all, which is also completely fine, Orya will work with you on your vocal abilities anyhow.. and on your concept of singing & performing different effects within a song you select to work on.


Orya Deisraeli is responsible to deliver the educational & vocal technique content during the time of the Lesson / Course. If the lesson was carried out online – the content of it will be available online for 30 days from the time it was done. After this time – you will have to get a special authorization to have access to it online.

 Change in times 

Please note that you can sign-in to change the time up to 48 Hours before the lesson.

No changes can be done between 48 hours before the lesson.

The rule of thumb is – if you set the time, and booked a lesson – you are on, and we are both committed to show up in this time on Skype.

If you need to change please do it at least 48 hours before – so it gives us time to set your slot to another costumer.

No refund  or re-schedule the lesson will be available if you do not show up on time.

In case the Studio will have to cancel a meeting / voice lesson – you will be set for another time frame and get the service you asked for in another time slot.


Technical &  software  issues to take care of BEFORE THE LESSON :

Set your Camera & Microphon  to work good,  and please do a test  with Google hangouts /   Skype  to make sure  that your mic, Audio & Camera is in place and perform well before the lesson. Make sure your internet band width is good enough  to carry out the connection in a stable manner. Also as said please take care of playback, or play yourself in your instrument, or sing without a playback.


Another option to avoid nu-necessary cancellations

The lesson can be carried out by any mobile device by phone or by any kind of tablet device that can perform internet connection. We can do it preferably with Google hangouts, Skype is a good option as well. If we do it via Skype – the recording of the lesson is under your responsibility. If we do it on Google hangouts – Orya Will do her best to record the visual and the audio information and put it for your convenience online. In Any case you see that you can not be in front of a computer’s screen for the lesson, we can make it via a tablet’s screen, or by a phone call. You will have to iniciate the  call to Orya’s Mobile phone, and trust her ability, so that she can SEE you with her EARS. She is qualified enough, and has a big enough experience in order to hear everything that is going on with your voice with out seeing you on Camera.


Cancellation & refund

Orya Deisraeli do not refund money for any voice lesson that is being set over the phone, email, or via the automatic Schedule page. Once you paid for a lesson or a package of lessons you are expected to take them. Orya on the other hand is totally responsible to give you those lessons as set.


Vocal health and general health

When you take a voice lesson, Orya will bring to you her best knowledge & understanding to make your voice work better and sing with deep mindfulness,  still, the responsibility for your health, as well as for your vocal health is in your hands – the student/client. The lesson is not instead of taking a Doctor’s medical advice, and if you have any health issues that you feel the need to go to a doctor – please do so. Always know and remember You are the one who has to listen to your own body, and during the lesson or even when you practice on your own, you have to be sensitive, and if you feel any kind of burning sensation, or uncomfortable in your throat, you must tell the teacher immediately about it, and stop doing a vocal exercise if it hurts your body, so she can give you another exercise that is more appropriate for your vocal condition. So still the power and the responsibility is always yours in the end of the day.

Payment for Voice Lesson

Payments are always done with a credit cards online or through the phone, and always before the lesson starts.

In special cases we talk about this over the phone.

Privacy and security

Orya Deisraeli vocal studio is charging credit cards via PayPal which is the best and highest secured method of charging credit cards online. you do not have to have a Paypal account, you can simply put your Credit Card details inside the PayPal  Payment page while ordering the appointment for a voice lesson or Course.

Your privacy is highly important to us, and we will never share your details with any kind of third party business entity, So you know your information is safe, and your privacy is kept with us.

General Term

The studio keep the authority & right to change the terms and conditions when ever we see we have the need to do so.

Also, the stuff is keening the right of choosing not to work / teach anyone who do not cooperate with our terms and conditions.

We can start working together once you approved that you read/ understand & agree to those Terms And Condition.

Orya Deisraeli

and Stuff of studio.